Superfruits have supreme health benefits. They reduce the effects of health issues and improve vitamin levels. Some have a great amount of antitoxin levels, such as the well known açai berry. This berry mainly has an aftertaste rather than an flavor, but when eaten called bitter, grainy or rich. It can be found mainly in Brazil, so it is hard to obtain as fresh as recommended. They are the size of a grape and are picked when dark and ripe.

This plant is usually blue, purple, or red because of its anthocyanins, an antitoxin that helps regulate cholesterol levels. Properties, such as plant sterols or stanols have cholesterol lowering powers that help with circulation, and relaxing blood vessels. Açai berries help maintain a healthy weight and can even help lose it by removing fat deposits. Açai also helps digestion because of its detoxifying benefits.

In its chemical form, the açai berry is proven to kill cancer cells. This berry has killed 86 percent of lung cancer cells in some studies, including those of leukemia. All of this can occur within 18 hours of digestion. Not impressed? Well, did you know that the açai berry slows down the aging process? The antioxidants in the berry also remove free radicals (molecules) from your skin, teeth, and other areas, which can accumulate over the aging process.

However, with every rise there is a fall. The açai berry, when eaten through processed supplements, can cause buildup of plaque and toxins in the body. An equivalent problem is that açai berries can increase pollen allergies if you have them, so it’s best to avoid these berried in that scenario. Eating too much of the fruit as a race to the goal of your weight loss journey is, yet again another mistake. In the end you’ll eat more caloric foods and have sabotaged the journey.
To clarify, it’s a superfruit not a miracle fruit. Having too many vitamins from fruits can cause health issues and, whereas no eating enough of them can cause health issues, so go for the middle man. Everything has its pros and cons, so eat everything healthy in moderation and you will receive the benefits without the negatives.


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